During the School Year

Anderson After School is an after school and summer care program located in Anderson, South Carolina for children ages 4 to 14. During the school year we collect students from many schools in the area (currently: Calhoun, Concord, Glennview, McCants, McLees, Midway, Montessori, Northpointe, Southwood, Spearman, St. Joes, and Wren). We add schools whenever there is a need we can accommodate.

A nutritious and substantial snack is provided.  Help with homework is available. Indoor and outdoor play is a choice the child can make after required homework is completed, or if parents wish, homework is left for home time.

We transport our children to private lessons all over Anderson. There is an extra charge for this service and not all requests can be accommodated but we do get most of them allowing our students to get home earlier on school nights. We also have private tutors who work with the children here at AAS when help with homework isn’t enough to get it done. Some of the tutors are sent here by the parents and all we provide is a quiet space. Other are paid through AAS and I will broker the arrangements based on need whenever help is requested. 20 years in Anderson has connected me with some truly awesome teachers who can help students get back on track..

On a school day our hours of operation are 2:15 - 6:00.  On teacher work days and most holidays we are open from 7:00 - 6:00.  We are closed on Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and the Friday after Thanksgiving as well as the week between Christmas and New Years.  We open to cover most “bad” weather days at 9:30, however if we have no power we are closed.  We post on channel 4.